A Measure of Success

This summer I have been teaching every Tuesday same as last year.  I have been talking about love and sin and forgiveness.  I have spoken of solitude and stillness and prayer.  And I have wondered, no wrestled, with my impact.  Has what I said made any difference?  Has it changed anyone’s point of view?  Has it drawn them into a closer relationship with the Savior? Has there been any measure of success?

The other day my fair child with winsome words asked the same question?  How does God measure success?  That question has shouted at me.

I know the world’s measure of standards.  Money, power, prestige are indicators of one’s place on the rung of worth.   Labor hard to acquire these goals seems to be the clarion cry.   Achievement in these spheres will validate my struggles.  I will be successful if I have a title and a big house.  Others will know I have arrived.

But as to God….  He does not seem to use these standards.  Jesus had no money.  He was not well regarded by believers and non-believers alike.  And though he had power he chose not to use it.  There was no outward sign of his success.

So what is God’s measure of success?  How will I know He is pleased with my work?

I have come to the conclusion I simply need to show up.  I need to follow his plan, be aware of his instructions and pursue his commands.  In other words I need to obey what I believe he had asked me to fulfill.  I teach.  The results of that teaching are not up to me.  The impact of my words, the results of my explanations are not arenas I am privileged to be a part of.  I simply teach.   How God will use my presentations are up to him.  I am not responsible for that side of the instruction.  I obey and surrender any result to Him.

At the end of the time, when my teaching is complete, I rest in His provision and am grateful for the opportunity to serve.  I do not know how or when he will use my offerings, but I do not need to know.  I simple know my calling and obey.