Heart Gifts

This year my sister is experiencing the effects of monthly chemo.  So far it has created some aches and pains, hair loss, and the absence of taste buds during the most savory season of the year.  In an attempt to make life a little more instead of a little less I wrote her the following poem.

I am thankful for a sister who:

  1. Has a sense of humor
  2. Is a friend to bunnies and birds
  3. Creates and shares her skills
  4. Knows a good sunrise when she sees it
  5. Is generous
  6. Has concern for her community
  7. Is a devoted grandma
  8. Has a splendid family
  9. Lingers over sunsets
  10. Is a kind neighbor
  11. Cares about what is right and good
  12. Loves and does it well
  13. Makes a mean French mint pie

I am thankful that this sister is my sister.  Love ya

The poem was meant to be a gift to her.  But unexpectedly it came back to me.  Today I received a note from her.  It said:

“Thank you so much for the lovely ode/poem.  How very thoughtful of you.  And it arrived on exactly the right day – we went to the post office on the way home from my last chemo treatment and there it was.  I was so moved I cried all the way home.”

I thought I had given a gift.  Instead I received one.

You just never know what impact the small and simple things given from the heart can have.  Perhaps you have no money, no idea what to give, if that is the case, look inside your heart and give what you find there.  It will be the best gift you ever give.  And you never know, it might be given back.

Love ya, Sis