For those who wait

Waiting, I believe, is one of God’s most difficult assignments. It is not a place that allows progress, but a location where we remain. In this single spot there is no wiggle room for motion. Stillness before the Lord is the calling. And in that place, listening and waiting are the activities.

This is not an easy position. After a week or so of stagnant time I found myself wanting to rush forward, but there was no action to be taken. Stillness remained – for one month and the next and beyond. I am still waiting and oh, so wanting.

I recognize Christ has waited. His waiting revealed his character and his obedience. Spending time in Joseph’s woodworking shop must have been a position for which Jesus was highly over qualified. There were people to heal and those to save. But not yet. This doesn’t seem productive in our world, but Christ was waiting for God’s hour. He knew the timing was just as important as the plan.

I am wrestling with God’s timing. Why, I ask? When, I say? In our do-it-now society I am loath to put in another minute with God’s inactivity. I am also loath to take one step forward without his approval. This leaves me in a precarious spot. I stand tipped on the edge. Waiting and wanting.

This idleness is growing character in me. Surrender, trust, and humility come to mind. I don’t know the when or the why. I don’t even know the how. I remain still. Hanging on. I also recognize my wanting may never be fulfilled. His greater work is more than the solution I long for.

Is God calling you to wait on a solution you want now?