Love is….

I have been looking at love lately, reflecting on its depth, pondering what it means to love God and others.  These are some of my musings.

Love is spacious. It isn’t about expectations and shoulds that crush, but about freedom and discovery.  Love is letting go even if a return might not be offered.   Love is wispy, allowing the Spirit to move where it will.

Love does not dominate.  Love embraces, infusing strength. Love cherishes to enfold and encourage.  Love is time without agenda.

Love is infinite.  Love is sacrificial and submissive.  Love is flexible and changeable adapting to person or situation.

Love is laughter.  Love longs and waits, believes and trusts.  Love hopes.  Loves desires redemption and restoration.  Love sits with pain and endures suffering.  Love grows and its most significant growth is often in hardship.

Love listens to words said and words unsaid.

Love is present with the one loved.  Love is accepting.  Love is challenging.  Love grows and expands.  Love stretches and pulls.  Love notices.  Love is pervasive and permanent.  Love is…

I suspect you have other ideas.