My Life With God

My life with God.  Of course, I live my Life With God.   After all, this is what a believer should do.

But what does that actually mean, to live my Life With God?

Well, I have memorized a few Bible verses and I can tell you several stories about Jesus.  I pray for my sister’s son-in–law who has had cancer and for my sister-in-law who is looking for a job.  I pray for a writing project I am working on.  But generally my Life With God is out there.  I focus on my circumstances, on my external world.  In other words I keep God at arm’s length.

I think I do this for several reasons.  I have been taught and often taught by example that this is what a Life With God looks like.  it seems safe to deal with God out there.  I feel in control of the relationship with God when I focus on the external issues of my life.  I figure, if my circumstances are working well, my Life With God must be okay.

I misunderstood what it means to have a Life With God. For all this surface interaction between God and I, doesn’t draw me into the relationship that God longs to have with me and that actually, deep within, I long to have with God.

So, what more could there be to this Life With God?

I have found, in the application of the knowledge I have, that I have begun to interact with God in deeper, life giving ways.  I have some relationship “issues” I struggle with.  Perhaps you have a few of those yourself.  In the past my prayer about these situations was to change them.  Now I ask God to change me.  Me is the only person I can change.

I have learned that people I struggle with are invitations and opportunities to train with God to infuse the very nature of Christ in me.  You see, my Life With God is more an inside job than an outside effort.  I am now more likely to be in conversation with God than in prayer with him.  My prayers tended to be one sided.  I would speak or even demand of God.  Now I ask and wonder with him, then wait and listen.  As I “hear” God his voice is never condemning, convicting at times, yes, but not condemning.  But more often than not it is gentle and kind as he teaches and trains me into the character of his Son.

I seek his wisdom about the fear I have in completing this writing project. I ask him to show me how to love those I struggle with.   I desire to be trained by God in the circumstances before me.  My everyday life becomes an interactive Life With God.

I have also learned to read Scripture from a formational point of view.  With this style of reading I allow the word to “speak” to me.  Through slowing down and reading short passages, allowing time to reflect on my reading and listening once again, God opens up his word from long ago to be a living word today.

In my life, God wants to train me in the attitudes, the very character of his son Jesus and I have come to desire this training.  Why,  because as God’s beloved I seek to live my one ordinary life reflecting my Life With God.