Welcome to my blog. I am excited to share my musings as I travel along with life. I hope you will journey with me.

This dream has been percolating this past year. Could I, should I, how hard would it be to blog? I have moved from writing informal talks, to communicating with a group of ten, to composing for a writer’s group (critiques and all), to potentially conversing with the world. Quite a leap.

As a follower of Christ I have found writing to be an unexpected gift and one I want to share with a larger audience. I don’t share because I think my words are better than another, but because he calls me to give voice to the quest he has gifted to me. It is a journey of discovery and I am grateful to travel with him.

I live with Honeydo, my beloved. We have two adult children living adventures of their own. I am in the final year of training to be a spiritual director, have experiential knowledge with seniors and most of all enjoy rambling with Christ.

Many of the areas I will write about have come to me later in life and in unexpected ways. Spiritual growth, writing, seniors will be fodder for later posts.

I hope you will be enriched by what you read. I am no different from other writers in that I love feedback. Comments are a blessing and help me know how my words are affecting you.