When Honeydo and I are home on the weekend you might find one of us fixing the plumbing and another gardening or one would be programing and another planning the week’s menu.  Each of these activities is solitary in nature, though done alone we are not unaware of the other’s presence.  I might not speak to Honeydo for much of the morning, but I know I could if needed.

I am aware of his presence and he is aware of mine.  Our relationship is such that that awareness brings familiarity and closeness that doesn’t need words.  Simply being aware of each other’s presence is enough.

A familiar term in the Christian life is quiet time.  One often hears that in one’s quiet time they read such and such or prayed about so and so.   It is during this special time that we actively seek God and are aware of His presence.

I would like to suggest another level of time spent with God.  This is time based on a relationship that is similar to the one Honeydo and I have.  I am aware of God’s presence as I go about my day.  I know He is with me everywhere and if I wanted to or needed to I could talk to Him at any time.  I don’t need to go home and sit in a special chair during a certain time of the day to have this relationship with God.  I just need to be aware of Him.

My time with God has then moved from one of a certain time and place to one of continuous time and place.  My time with God has moved from viewing time with Him as vertical time.  Most people view time vertically or historically.  First there is one day, then another and so forth until a historical time line of our life is complete.  With God, time can be seen as horizontal.  As I look at my entire life from a horizontal point of view, able to view all experiences at once, I am aware that God is present and has always been present, as I have lived my life.  I may not have noticed His presence, but that does not mean He has not been there.

As the relationship with Honeydo and I has grown we are more familiar and comfortable with each other’s presence.  Fewer words are necessary because there is a sense of knowing how we are as well as where we are.  We have become more connected, as we have become more known by each other.

We can have this same relationship with God!

As I move from my quiet time with God to a relationship with God I am aware of God’s continued presence with me.  I know He is as I know I am.  We are together.  He is available for conversation any time.  And He becomes more and more familiar to me.  That closeness for me has also brought a greater sense of His love.

Are you aware that God is living life with you?