A week and a half ago I sprained my ankle.  I twisted it at a party and managed to hobble home not realizing what I had done.  By the next morning I knew things had not improved.  Turning to my medial source, the internet, I found the RICE program (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) highly recommended for this type of injury.

Something needed to be done.  A few days on the couch sounded good so Honeydo and I began to implement the program.  He made a bag of ice and piled 3 or 4 blankets on me as I shivered under its cold effect.  The first days of elevation were easy.  It hurt and aspirin became my staunch against pain.  Honeydo brought home vittles and I read and read.

Thank goodness the gifts had been wrapped and mailed, the shopping done and for the most part the lists complete.  Honeydo would make the grocery runs and one last trip to the mall.  Life would continue to happen.

I am the type that sets aside 3 to 5 days for any illness.  Oh, I have had the flu, mumps and measles that have required a few more.  I have had a couple of surgeries that I allowed several weeks for recovery, but these were never that close to Christmas.  I had plans, plans of Christmas activities, plans of special meals, and plans of feeling good and being up and about.

I have been out of the house once this past week.  The ouch factor remains and I am using a cane.  My speed dial has been moved to slow.

So this Christmas I must forgo doing.  What’s left?  Being.  How do I need to be this Christmas?  How can I take advantage of the opportunity to be simply present?  How can I give myself, not in the things I do, but in who I am?