A Life Soaked In God

I just finished A God Soaked Life by Chris Webb. It has made me wonder what does a life soaked in God look like? Here are a few ideas.

Less hurry, more rest

Less anxiety, more peace

Less doing, more being

Less noise, more quiet

Less critical, more acceptance

Less arrogance, more surrender

Less hiding, more vulnerable

Less fear, more trust

Less fast, more slow

Less pride, more humility

Less independence, more dependence on God

Less bitter, more forgiving

Less anger, more listening

Less hurt, more healing

Less empty, more filled

Less image, more authenticity

Less hate, more love

Less envy, more gratitude

Less possessions, more simplicity

Less prayerful talking, more prayerful listening

Less world focused, more Jesus focused

Less world, more heaven here and now

God uses spiritual disciplines to train me in Christ’s character. As less hurry is practiced there is more space for rest and more awareness of God’s presence. As God trains me to be less image focused there is freedom to be more authentic. As God invites me to shed possessions my life is replaced with simplicity. Each less of the world-focused life allows more capacity to become soaked in Christ’s character.

Could God be inviting you into a God soaked life in 2018?   Could the invitation include letting go of the less in order to receive the more? Jesus wants to train you to do just that. Could you talk to him about this training?