This Homeless Man, This King

He was a homeless man, this king
He invites – follow me
He challenges us to be

This crucified man, this miracle maker
Present, absent, here again
He didn’t seek, but sought
Didn’t demand, but offered
This homeless man, this king

He was poor, owning everything
He taught, touched, healed, loved
He stood … silent, alone
He the future while present
He the past while offering the now
He a paradox, this man of truth

He was beaten, bloodied, helpless
He was silent, buried, finished
He is alive

He let go, to raise up
Not what we expected, yet everything we need
He the shepherd, teacher, guide, king

He waited 30 years, He ministered for 3
He lead the 12, He followed the One
He accepted, was rejected
He wept, feared, followed, obeyed
He the gate, the door, the way
Dead, Risen
Man, Messiah

He is the light; some embrace the dark
He is the door; some choose to shut

He is the bread; some refuse to eat
He is the way; some decline to follow
He is the vine; some have cut away

He is our past, present, future
He is our hope, our everything

He is a lifetime, our eternity

He Creator, recreating
He redeemer, redeeming
Grace and mercy
This homeless man, this king