Conversations with Jesus

If I were to invite you to describe Jesus in short, pithy statements I suspect you might say things like, Jesus healed, Jesus saved, Jesus preached, Jesus prayed, Jesus fed or Jesus taught, but I would be surprised if you stated that Jesus asked.  Yet, there are over 100 questions recorded in Scripture that Jesus asks. Why did the all-knowing Son of God ask anything?  There are several motives behind Jesus’ questions.  One is to get us to think, another is to convict us, but a third is simply to grow a relationship.

Jesus wants to know us and he often begins a relationship with a question.  If I want to know you I also ask questions.  What is your name? Where do you live?  What do you do?  Simple, surface questions.  But Jesus gets straight to the heart of the matter.  His first question is “what are you seeking or what are you longing for?” And one of his final questions is “why are you crying?”  These deep questions invite us into intimate conversation with our Savior.  They become the building blocks for ongoing fellowship that go beyond shallow requests to give our heart a voice.

We tend to think these questions are only applicable to those Christ addressed.  But these queries are timeless in their application.  As we respond to the same questions Jesus posed we begin heart-oriented conversations that invite us into deepening fellowship with Jesus.

Responding to these inquiries assists us in being known by Jesus.  As we move from quick responses to reflective answers, we acknowledge deeper places of our heart and discover what we really seek and why we are crying.  As hidden insights are revealed our conversation with Jesus develops intimacy.

So consider giving this a try.  Reflect on the passage found in John 1: 35-40.  Spend time reading it slowly, pausing and savoring the words.  Do this over several days or even several weeks.  Allow the simple surface answers to occur.  But then, keep reading and reflecting.  What might you and God discover about what your heart is seeking?