Unexpected Time

For those who now find themselves with unexpected time, how could we use this time we have?  Will what you “do” today to strengthen your faith or increase your fear?  Let me offer a few suggestions based on Paul’s words in Colossians 3:2, “Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things”

Listen to sermons/podcasts/friends on a daily basis.

There is a wealth of options from Tony Evans https://tonyevans.org/  or Tony Evans on YouTube.

Darrell Johnson has several insightful sermons at https://preachersworkshop.ca/audio/.  I particularly recommend the Sermon on the Mount series.

Renovare has a plethora of resources including videos, podcasts, articles and books for cultivating a life with God.  Currently Renovare is offering an online book club.  The next book, Life Without Lack by Dallas Willard, is an appropriate title for this day and age.  https://renovare.org/

Grafted Life Ministries also has several resources.  I particularly like The Invitation, a brief, daily, insightful look at scripture.  This year covers the book of Proverbs and our need for God’s wisdom.   https://www.graftedlife.org/subscribe

Recognize that what you put into your mind and heart will be reflected in the life you choose to live.  Make sure you choose the stuff that builds faith rather than fear.

As you infuse yourself with quality material you become increasingly capable of listening well to others.  These days people need to be heard more than helped.  In fact, it is listening that becomes the help.  When we allow people to express where they are, regardless of where that is, space becomes open to receive more of who God is.  Being known without judgement allows us to experience love without conditions which is just the kind of love God gives us.

Though you might have time you don’t want, how could the time you have be used to strengthen your faith so that you can be further used for his purposes?